I have started to work in the field of photography almost 20 years ago as a traditional printer then as an assistent for fashion and advert photographers. I work as photoreporter on social and cultural issues since 15 years, mainly between Milan and the african continent. I also work on architecture and personale research creating links between photography and literature.

I have been a Grazia Neri agency staff photographer for 5 years and I am now a freelance.

I have been published and exposed my pictures on the main italian and international magazines and galleries with pieces of works such as ‘La città che sale’ (‘the city raises’) a 10 years long term project about the transformation of Milan waiting for the 2015 Universal exposition, ‘Kinois, guys from Kinshasa’, ‘Chinese dream’ about Beijing and Shanghai urban transformation, ‘Underground DOC’ about the italian young underground suburbs rappers.

The work as a set-photographer for the documentary-film ‘On the bride’s side’, an unaxpected cinema success in 2014 that tells the story of 5 syrian refugees on the way to Stockholm, has been published in magazines from all over the world and is now available as an exposition called ‘The sky belongs to everyone’.

I am curator of photographic exhibitions for the magazine ‘Africa’ such as: ‘Africa football’-2010, ‘Good morning Africa’-2012, ‘One day in Africa’-2014 and ‘Flying Africa’-2015.

I teach photography in Italy and abroad.

I’m President of APFOPOPO (Apritoio di Fotografia Potenziale Potenziata) – Collage de ‘Pataphysique, Italy.